BDC and LNB Model 4007-A — KuA-band LNB

BDC's and LNB's

The Model 4007 series LNBs are suitable for use with SSC’s Model 3430/3500 line of beacon-tracking receivers, as well as the Model 4500 line of frequency-agile downconverters.

Also see: data sheets.


IF Output Frequency 950 to 1450 MHz
Gain 55 db min, 70 db max
Gain Variation 3 dB p-p typical, 4 dB p-p max
Gain Ripple 1 dB p-p max, 27 MHz segment
1 Db compression point +7 dBm min
Noise Figure 1.2
Image Rejection 55 dB typical, 45 dB min
3rd Order Intercept Point +10 dBm min
Local Oscillator Frequency 10.75 GHz
Local Oscillator Stability ±10 kHz
Local Oscillator Phase Noise -75 dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz
Local Oscillator Leakage -45 dBm max, measured at Waveguide input
Input Connector WR-75 Waveguide
Output Connector Type F, Female, 75 ohm
Dimensions 3.78″ x 1.66″ x 1.66″
Weight 18 oz
Operating Temperature -40º to +60º C
Relative Humidity up to 100 % condensation and Frost
Power +15 to 24 VDC, supplied on center conductor of IF cable
Current Draw 350 ma, typical
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