Beacon Tracking Receiver Model Chart 3434 SERIES BEACON RECEIVERS

Beacon Tracking ReceiverBeacon Tracking Receiver Model Chart
Model 3434 Series Beacon Receivers

A tracking receiver for antenna step tracking and automatic uplink power control

Model# Band Frequency Notes
3434-L L Band Beacon Receiver 930 – 2300 MHz
3434-IF Baseband Beacon Receiver 50 – 200 MHz
3434-CH Extended C band Beacon Receiver 3.4 – 4.2 GHz Internal BDC
3434-KuD KuD sub-band Beacon Receiver 10.7 – 11.7 GHz Internal BDC
3434-KuE KuE sub-band Beacon Receiver 11.7 – 12.75 GHz Internal BDC
  • Other options are available, please see individual data sheets.
  • Other Frequency Ranges are available.

Monitor and Control Software for Beacon Receivers

  • Alarm triggered email notification for loss of signal, change in AFC, and signal strength.
  • Large signal strength read out.
  • Strip charting utility allows for recording of signal strength, AFC and temp. Events are recorded and presented on time based event chart. Additional logging feature allows for tab delimited file that can be imported into your favorite spreadsheet program. The log files can be automatically saved and restarted on a daily basis and pulled up later for review of btr, tracking and or uplink power performance.
  • Easy to remotely control or monitor your beacon receiver.
  • Event triggered alarms.

Monitor and Control Software for Beacon Receivers

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