Beacon Receivers Model 3434-IF — Baseband Beacon Receiver

Beacon Tracking Receiver

Tracking receiver for antenna step-tracking and automatic uplink power control.

The Model 3434-IF, Version 4, features an input of 50 – 200 MHz, Digital Level reference setting, Ethernet connectivity with M&C control interface, and power-up temperature compensation for rapid signal acquisition. The 3434 series offers our proprietary Accu-trac search-and-acquire AFC feature with several search bandwidths up to ± 800 kHz. Frequency selection on 10 kHz steps may be accomplished from the front panel or by remote control. Pre‑detection noise bandwidth of 50 kHz (or factory option of 25 kHz) facilitates accurate tracking at very low C/N levels for use with either CW or BPSK carriers.

  • AFC disable option for wide data carrier applications
  • Digital level reference setting, -10 to -70 dBm on 0.5 dB steps
  • BPSK modulation compatible
  • Accu-trac signal tracking feature for high-drift LNB applications with selectable acquisition bandwidths up to ±800 kHz
  • RS-232/422/485 and Ethernet, control interface, all standard
  • Dual signal strength output, two identical analog outputs for simultaneous antenna tracking and UPC control

The output of the beacon receiver is a DC voltage proportional to the input signal level to facilitate both antenna tracking control and automatic power control. A Loss-of-Carrier indicator is provided in the event the tracking signal is lost. Form “C” relay contacts provide an external Loss-of-Carrier alarm. A front panel VFD or SSC GUI (via your computer) displays operating frequency, relative signal level, carrier lock or alarm, and input level.


Input Frequency 50 – 200 MHz
Input Level -10 to -70 dBm typical
Level Adjust Digital, 0.4 dB steps
Level Accuracy ±0.4 dB per step
±4 dB over entire range
Total composite input level -15 dBm maximum
Tracking Slope 0.5V/dB
Tracking Linearity ±0.25 dB
Frequency Selection 10 kHz steps
Min. input level for Lock -105 dBm
Input Connector Type “BNC” Female, 50 ohm*
Threshold 4 dB C/N for acquisition < 1 dB C/N for carrier lock
Tracking Response 0 to +10 VDC over 20 dB input range standard
other ranges optional****
Alarms Form-C relay contacts
AFC ±25 kHz
AFC disable For Wide data carrier applications
Accu-trac sweep widths disable & user selectable bandwidths from ±50 kHz to ±800kHz
Noise Bandwidth 50 kHz
Modulation type CW or BPSK up to 8kbps
Output – dual signal strength analog output Modular socket & plug
M&C RS-232 & RS-422/485
Ethernet 10/100 Base T
Continuous Data Streaming option/ streaming signal strength output via a dedicated RS-232 DB 9 connector
M&C Connector DB-9 Female & RJ 45 Connector
Dedicated DB9 with CDS option
Output Connector Modular socket & plug
Dimensions 1 RU, 19″ x 16″ x 1.75″
Prime Input Power 90-260 VAC, 47-63 Hz, auto-sensing, 45 Watts max

* Other input connectors available please contact SSC
** Other AFC options available please contact SSC
*** Other power options available please contact SSC
**** Other ranges available please contact SSC

Sweep widths for Accu-trac signal tracking

For high-frequency drift applications. Accu-trac features can be selected from the front panel or in remote mode. Disabled or active, selected by user.
Disabled ±50 kHz ±75 kHz ±100 kHz ±150 kHz ±200 kHz ±250 kHz
±300 kHz ±400 kHz ±500 kHz ±600 kHz ±700 kHz ±800 kHz

Valid Options

AFC and Filtering
O Standard AFC and Standard 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter.
A No AFC – Use for tracking Wide Data Carriers. Standard 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter.
S No AFC and No 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter.
T No 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter. Standard AFC.
O 50 kHz pre-detection bandwidth.
5 25 kHz pre-detection bandwidth.
Input Connector on Rear of BTR
S 50 ohm SMA female connector.
N 50 ohm N female connector.
B 50 ohm BNC female connector.
Q 50 ohm TNC female connector.
Blank No CDS
C Optional Continuous Data Streaming

Part Numbering
Typical part number: 3434-IF00BC

Frequency Range Base Model Band AFC & Filtering Band-width Input Connector M&C
50 to 200 MHz 3434 IF O, A, S, or T 0 or 5 N, B, Q, or S Blank or C

Other frequency ranges are available.

SSC’s control GUI version 2.0 for our beacon receivers provides enhanced control features and additional monitoring tools, along with strip-charting for signal strength, AFC, and temperature. Version 2.0 also includes an event-triggered alarm that can send email notifications to your laptop or mobile device. Alarms can be triggered via signal strength, loss of signal, and AFC conditions.

Inclined Orbit Tracking