Frequency Converters Model 5425 — L-band Upconverter

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The Model 5425 dual-synthesized 70 MHz to L-band upconverter is designed for use with L-band input, block up converters. 10 MHz reference and 24 VDC power are multiplexed on the output to power the BUC RF Head. The frequency stability and phase noise characteristics of the Model 5425 Up Converter are suitable for fractional T-1 digital SCPC Carriers.

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Input Frequency 52 to 88 MHz
Output Frequency 950 – 1450 MHz
Frequency Sense (non-inverted, filtered)
Input Impedance 75 ohm
Output Impedance 50 ohm
Input Level -25dBm
Output Level 0dBm max, -29dBm min
Gain 25dB, maximum
Level stability +2 dB, maximum (in any 36 MHz band)
L.O. Reference 10 MHZ internal
Frequency stability 1.0 ppm
Phase Noise >75dB/Hz, 1 kHz from carrier
Noise Figure <14dB
Third Order Distortion >40dBc for 2 Carriers at -10dBm Output
IF level adjust Local or Remote
Sum Alarm Output Relay, Form C
Input Connector BNC – Female, 75 ohm
Output Connector Type-N, Female, 50 ohms
Primary Input Power 90 – 260 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
Auto-sensing, 110 Watts Max
Dimensions 1 RU, 19″ x 16″ x 1.75″
Alarm output Form-C relay
Operating Temperature -10º to +40º C
Power supplied to RF Head 24 Volts DC, 65 watts
Reference to RF Head* 10 MHz, -5 dBm nominal
Monitor and Control Connector DB-9, Female
Monitor and Control Interface
(must be specified when ordering)
RS-232 or RS-485

*For applications without outdoor RF head, see Model 5420.